Blessfest in Amherst, MA ~

Looking forward to this year’s Blessfest the last weekend in July hosted by the Call and Response Foundation and International Percussionist/Story teller John de Kadt.

I have been invited to attend Blessfest as a ‘singer’ and will be supporting beautiful Kirtan artists Brenda McMorrow and Dave Stringer.

Blessfest is a soul satisfier ~ All things genuine ~ Nestled in the heart of nature and truth.

Yogaville ~ Satchidananda Woodstock Celebration, VA ~

Thrilled to offer a Kirtan Concert the last weekend in August at Swami Satchidananda’s precious Yogaville located in Buckingham,  Virginia.

If you are looking for respite from the day to day and ready to sink deeper into yourSelf, Yogaville is the next trip to plan.

In honor of Woodstock’s renowned universal concert 50 years ago, a ‘Woodstock’ celebration day is planned.

With all things love, peace, freedom and joy! Come chant with us on these sacred grounds.

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