YTT Wisdom of the Deities

Come explore the many aspects and energies of Life that are reflected by the Deities throughout Vedic Philosophy at Live in Joy  Yoga & Wellness.

How does sounding the Divine names apply to us as yoga teachers in this our modern day world?

By sounding the names both in silent meditation or in a group gathering, how do our bodies, minds and hearts respond?

Taking notice… living alive!

Florida Kirtan at Kashi Ashram

I am thrilled to offer Kirtan at the sacred Kashi Ashram in Sebastian Florida. Over the years I have heard so many beautiful things about this heart centered community.

Shakti Durgaya runs this sacred oasis. Blessed to grace her grounds and chant!

Goddess Rising Kirtan Celebration, Orlando Florida

Join us for a day of celebration at the Goddess Rising Kirtan Celebration in Orlando, Florida.

Coming together in the name of the Feminine! This does not mean you need to be a woman to attend. As we all know, there are both masculine and feminine energies co-existing within each of us!

The ‘Shakti’ feminine elements of manifestation, intuition, Mother nature creativity, birthing, movement, death and beauty!

Kirtan Goddesses Dana Kaplan, Amah Devi, Mirabai Moon, Cheryl Chafee along with the amazing To Bring Devotion Band will be joining me.

To Register please click here:

‘Hey, Florida! Goddess rising here we come!’


Awaken and Celebrate ~ Find your ‘Sa’ Workshop

In this workshop we will celebrate our voices through mantra and chant, also exploring the nature of the voice as a tool for self-clarity, self-healing and self-empowerment.

No experience required, just an open heart and a set of vocal chords!

To register click here:

Kirtan at Black Cat Yoga in Jacksonville, Florida

If you are in the Florida, Jacksonville area come join us for an evening of ecstatic chant at the beautiful newly opened Black Cat Yoga. Sunday evening Kirtan is at 7 pm.

Black Cat Yoga

Live Music for Yin Yoga ~ Altamonte Springs, Florida

Looking forward to playing/chanting during Dana Kaplan’s Monday morning Yin Yoga class!

Come bask in sweet live sound at the Yoga University of Asy.


Attitude of Gratitude Workshop and Winter Love Fest Concert

I am thrilled to announce that on Saturday, February 23rd I will be at the Philadelphia Ethical Society building for a full day event in collaboration with dear friend and amazing songwriter/sacred artist David Newman. 

David and I will be offering an afternoon workshop on the ‘Attitude of Gratitude’, as well as heating up the evening together with Kirtan concerts featuring Winter Love Fest band Shawn Hennessey, Taylor Jamison, Jon Dichter and Mira.

To register for the workshop/concert or just the evening concert please click Eventbrite here.

Our community sponsored event will also host local vendors sharing their festival and hand made goods.

Philadelphia’s own Philabundance caring for our homeless will receive a  portion of Winter Love Fest proceeds.

Philly, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and DC friends come Love it up!


For Tickets and Registration: EVENTBRITE


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