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Celebrated Songwriter, Chant Artist & Vocal/Mantra Coach, Yvette has the voice of an angel. Her music and chanting open the gates within the heart, allowing for the Divine within to shine.  Blending traditional eastern music with western popular melody, this sacred songwriter as reinvented the art of chanting in her unique way of peaking energetic waves of mantra with spontaneous vocal harmony, spiraling sound and song to new heights of beauty, power and awareness. Yvette’s style of kirtan (chant) is harmonic, bringing in all of the colors of the chakras to dance with each other and in turn inspiring those present to join in the dance.

Yvette offers  Kirtan, Bhakti Bliss Retreats, Workshops and Teacher Trainings on chanting, mantra, yoga and self-inquiry.

She has recorded with Girish, Gaura Vani, Ben Leinbach, David Newman and chanted with Russill Paul of The Yoga of Sound.

An Avid supporter of the non-profit “Living Beyond Breast Cancer” Yvette accompanies their annual ‘Reach & Raise – Yoga on the Steps’ throughout the country.

Yvette has released CDs: Into the Arms of Love, The Song of Breath, We Are One, and her newly released Divine.

To learn more about Yvette, please visit her website at

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