With so many distractions pulling at us these days, one weekend in retreat can unveil the essence of our infinite nature. Come, take that primal dive into the bath of sacred sound and song this coming May 3, 4 & 5, 2018 at the Temenos Retreat Center in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Together, we will explore:

* Cultivating Bhakti: devotional practices and offerings of chanting & music
* Philosophy and practices of mantras
* Yoga for voice: Learn the simple techniques that professional singers use
* Pranayama & the Song of Breath
* Basics of instruments: Harmonium, Percussion
* The art of Kirtan and how to create your own chants
* Take steps toward uncovering your Divine offering
* Connect with and share your special gift, whether it be sacred song, poetry, art or momentary reflection.
* Immerse in a retreat weekend of Bhakti, and its devotional practices of mantra, kirtan & vibration in a beautiful space that is perfect for sacred practice.
* No musical experience is needed! Just an open heart and beginner’s mind!
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