Private Numerology Reading


Numerology is a science of mysticism that offers a blueprint for the soul. From the moment of birth and following the naming of an individual as a separate soul, a host of possible paths can be seen and read via personality traits, karma and dharma. Once blueprinted and read, a deeper knowledge of the self reveals newfound clarity, intention, direction, self-acceptance and manifest destiny.

Yvette has been a practicing numerologist for the past two decades. She gratefully acknowledges her mentor Aneta Dondis.

I’m still glowing from my numerology session last week! Yvette’s uncanny intuition met a very deep understanding of numerology and life, which poured forth a reading that absolutely blew me away. With great compassion and humor, Yvette walked me through the good, bad & ugly so to speak, of my life’s twisty pathways, and brought incredible clarity around both the way life unfolded and the way I experienced it. It feels like I was given a roadmap of a territory I am very familiar with, but never able to see from an ariel view. This bigger picture has helped me to reconcile & actually dissolved some unfulfilling wondering, and I am now more clear about my priorities.’
– Julie Fischer, co-owner of Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness

To schedule a 90 minute Numerology reading, please email
Sessions are available via skype or phone.
Energetic Exchange – $108