Private Harmonium/Vocal/Mantra Lessons



The Harmonium is the free reed instrument that is often played at Kirtans. In the sacred homes of India, families gather regularly to chant on the harmonium, drum and kartals. Lovingly nicknamed the ‘Laymans’ Piano’, harmoniums do not require years of vigorous training to sound beautiful. The harmonium drone is sweet, mellifluous and calming.


The Voice is our most sacred and authentic means of expression and connection. Each voice is uniquely designed to harmonize our essence. Through vocal exercises, dhrupad, sound play and song, a renewed sense of self and freedom is experienced.


Mantras are chanted in every culture around the globe. A mantra is a word or phrase carrying high and sacred vibration. When repeated with focused intention mantras can open doorways to self-knowledge, effective healing and deep meditation.


‘I will never forget my first lesson with Yvette – I was quite nervous as I had never really played an instrument much less ever wanted anyone to hear my voice in public! But there I was… and Yvette made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Her gentle presence and her gift of making the harmonium, chants and singing accessible to my skill land vocal abilities allowed me to absolutely fall in love with this practice.’
Erica Bleznak, owner of Mainline Yoga Shala

To schedule a Harmonium/Vocal/Mantra or Combo lesson, please email

Energetic Exchange: $60/45 mins ($75/hr)