Kirtan is a musical expression of devotion, a ‘call and response’ chanting style, that is gaining popularity within the Western yoga community and beyond. With roots in the ancient sacred traditions of India, the Sanskrit mantras sung at Kirtans are words of great vibrational power. Kirtan is a practical method of repetitive singing that allows us to quiet and transcend our rambling “monkey minds.” Chanting in the company of others offers us the opportunity for deep and transformative healing. Understanding the meanings of the mantras or having expert musical abilities are not requirements: anyone can reap the benefits of Kirtan by simply chanting and allowing the higher vibrations into our open heart.

Please join us and allow Kirtan to carry you effortlessly to a place of stillness and joy!

“Yvette’s music comes from the heart. She creates a musical canvas where we can see each other, connected to the wings of the Divine. Her music transports you into the sweet realm of love. Her kirtan is a combination of prayer and service…”
—Gary Goldberg, WRPI-91.5 radio

“Yvette is blessed with a voice and spirit of pure radiance. I have spent many years engaged in Kirtan and have rarley encountered the level of transformation I experience in Yvette’s presence. Among her many gifts is the ability to weave traditional Eastern music with western melodies engaging all the chakras. But most important is simply the invitation Yvette so generously offers us to lift our voices and open our hearts.”
—Joy Stocke, Editor in chief of Wild River Review

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