Bhakti Music for Yoga

Bhakti music is the music of love. Yvette’s songs are creations of the Divine Love that exists in all things. Written in English and Sanskrit, the melodies will uplift the spirit, while centering and deepening our awareness. Live bhakti music during a yoga class supports the yoga teacher and lends a sacred organic presence and flow to the practice.

An activist for Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Yvette’s live music is featured at LBBC’s Reach & Raise/Yoga on the Steps and Outdoor Expos throughout the country.

“Yvette has shared her heart and soul, her voice and muse with the Reach & Raise/Yoga On The Steps event with complete generosity. Her music, voice and words serve the process of yoga and meditation and transformation in lightening the load of our minds, and give all who listen a way back home to love themselves, to acknowledge the innocence and new life blooming inside…She is no BS, no glitz, no spin. She is pure. And we are all so fortunate to receive her beauty of music and voice at Reach & Raise/Yoga On The Steps and beyond.”
—Jennifer Schelter, co-founder and inspirational yoga leader of “Yoga on the Steps/Reach & Raise”

To schedule Bhakti Music for Yoga, please email