Lovelight Festivals 2019, New Jersey

March 21, 2019

Looking forward to another love-filled weekend at Lovelight Festivals!

This year held at the Fields at Waterloo in Stanhope New Jersey, Lovelight Festivals holds all that is light-giving and wholly connecting! A reunion of like minded beautiful souls. Here’s what they say:

The Meaning of the Lovelight Festival: A Meditation

To celebrate life with art, yoga, music, and dance to enlighten ourselves through community.

The Lovelight Yoga and Arts Festival is a wholly interactive canvas on which you are a co-creator of a community masterpiece. At Lovelight, all the world’s a stage and the line between performer and participant is blurred.

We rejoice in the human experience and inspire personal growth through exchanging information, artistic expression, and random acts of kindness.

We seek to enlighten and empower as well as encourage expression and participation. We  share the light inside of us and know that we are warmed by the light in others.

All attendees are encouraged to perform and share their art and intellect with radical participation.

The Lovelight community is so rich with talent and wisdom, everyone plays a part in a cosmic passion play that creates inspiration, knowledge and brotherhood.

Lovelight is a place to highlight and strengthen that which we practice every day and deeply cherish: kindness, creativity, and acceptance of those who may walk a different path but seek the same destination— as the great Integral Yogi Swami Satchidananda said “The paths are many, but the truth is one.”