Embodying the Bhav Workshp in Orlando, Florida Sunday, January 19th, 2020

December 4, 2019

There are many forms of love that we can sing to and often call out to. The love for a close friend, for a lover, for family, community and simply for self love. Do these varying expressions of love all lead to a deep feeling of Bhav (Divine mood)?

Come join me for an intimate morning as we explore the blissful nature of Bhav through mantra, movement, chanting, meditation and love song.


This is the morning after the “Goddess Rising: A Shakti Kirtan Celebration.” The venue will already be supercharged whether you were able to attend the festival or not!

The address of the Kaplan Shakti Shala (private residence in Longwood, FL -Orlando are) will be given upon registration. You may register for the Sunday workshop only, the Saturday festival only, or both together (& save)

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