Winter, Still ~

February 4, 2019

A melting snowflake morning here. A February chill in my bones and yet this cheeky sun taunts me to step out as if the day were warm to the skin. My dog Buddy suntanning by the light of the window…  Not to be this month. And yet I still go ~



Winter, Still ~

The Sun
Rising on the promise of dawn
Chanting ‘Live this day!’
For the air craves your presence
And the clouds in the sky
Await to kiss your morning face
Everything has its value
Simply in being seen
And the barren ash tree
Misplaced among regal evergreens
Bares no shame
For her exterior poverty
Belies a wealth jeweling within
So come out into the cooler climate
Let the chill of the wind
Chafe your exterior
As you affirm your thicker garments
With brazen intention
Light up a new longing!


Always Love

December 2, 2018

ALWAYS LOVE is the first track on my new album DIVINE.

Such a revelation how connected we are through this intense feeling we have come to identify through a four lettered word LOVE.

Do you find there are times when you are feeling down/anxious and you don’t know why?  I often have  troubling dreams before I find out about some terrible happening somewhere in our world. Do you?

A week before the Hurricane Sandy storm I was having a repetitive round of disturbing dreams. In the dream I am running around, trying to get people to come with me. It seems in these dreams that the people I am calling to can’t always see me, but when they do, and often they are children, I will ask them to follow me as we hurry quietly out of a seemingly dangerous area and into a place more safe. I never seem to actually get them to that somewhere safe, it is just the stepping in and urgently asking their terrified selves to follow me to safety where we carefully hurry and run. Then it is to the next group of frightened and confused fellow beings. In these dreams, I seem to just show up.  In recall, I am aware that I  am not there during the disaster, but none the less show up in a call to want to help. I believe these dreams are tapping into my perhaps 6th sense of oncoming disaster and my inner hunger to help and save and Love.

So after hearing about Hurricane Sandy and the demolition of homes along my neighboring New Jersey shore, I came to understand that my down/anxious mood and subsequent dreams were an attempt to be there and help. Even though I was nowhere near the disaster, perhaps on some level I was.

After losing her home, all her belongings, her neighborhood and job, several friends and I connected on Facebook to an incredible woman whom we had never met before. Wanting to help her we asked if she would be open to us offering up a community fundraiser in the form of a yoga class with live music. She was a very proud and strong single mother of three children and it was so gracious of her to allow us to satisfy our longing to serve in some way. Well the event was beautiful! We were not the only ones in the community longing to connect… and so it goes!

Not only did we each make a new friend, but we all walked away with a gift  that she brought with her from her beach. The gift was a shell. She must have had over 80 shells that she had hand gathered and written on each one WITH LOVE & LIGHT FROM THE SEA …

What was amazing to learn was that on that day of the hurricane, she shared with us how although her own home had been demolished in seconds, that she found herself roaming the streets trying to help others salvage the remains of their belongings, running to find them a blanket, or offer up a reassuring hug, a place to go to and rest and regroup and feel safe …

This song AWAYS LOVE was written for my new friend.

‘Radhe Govinda Radhe Gopala’ in Sanskrit speaks to the power of love to overcome, heal and connect us even in moments of such loss and darkness.

Perhaps in the end, love really does prevail.




In the throws of Mother Nature
Come changes in the dark
And the orison beseeching brings the gaze back to the light
We are born into illusion
And the truth is hard to see
On the other side of shadow is the love we all can be

No matter how it goes
However the winds they blow
Our way will always be
Always Love

No matter how hard we fall
The mountains are standing up tall
And our way will always be
Always Love

Radhe Govinda Radhe Gopal
Radhe Govinda Radhe Gopal

No matter how high the tide
A new dawn will bring peaceful skies
And our way will always be
Always Love

No matter when shadow comes
Our children can look to the suns
And our way will always be
Always Love

Radhe Govinda Radhe Gopal
Radhe Govinda Radhe Gopal

Hare Radha Hare Radha Hare

Govinda Gopala Govinda Gopala
Govinda Gopala Govinda Gopala

No matter how we may feel
Love it’s the one thing that is real
And our way will always be
Always Love

Hari Bol Hari Bol Always Love ~

*  Co-produced with Ben Leinbach.




November 13, 2018

The song LIVE IT FOR TODAY from my new album DIVINE was inspired by my beautiful niece. After serving in the army in the Middle East where she was on call for ‘Booty Duty’ (securing women safely from one place to another), she decided to seize the opportunity and get a college degree on full scholarship.

I had the pleasure of escorting her to Drexel University and sat in on her college interview! Meanwhile her mother came down to Philadelphia to be with us.

While sitting together before dinner, she reached across the table placing her healing hands on her daughter’s neck and began to massage her. Instantly she located a lump in the throat area. It was not visible to the naked eye. With a concerned tone, she told her daughter to go straight to the doctor and get it checked. She kept saying ‘Immediately, this is not good.’ Being a nurse, she knew the lump could be cancerous. So my niece’s plans of attending college were mired by throat cancer. The good news is that after having her thyroid removed and some treatment, a year later she was able to follow her dream and is now mid way to graduation! And so it goes… you can see the healing hands of the Divine in this.

From a mother’s touch to early detection and now a healthier today. Thus the title for this song. LIVE IT FOR TODAY.

However, while writing the piece the lyrics began to express something quite different. So interesting how you can start with one idea and end up with quite another. The song started to express through the lenses with which I witness my own life unfolding, and the timelessness between changing seasons. Seems like my niece’s predicament brought up my own personal relationship with ‘dying’ and death. After all, aren’t we all dying every day? One day past, never to come again? Aren’t we all set to a destiny clock ticking away as each birth year comes and the numbers climb? … Or do they climb at all? And are we from a wider perspective more likely spiraling inward, round and round so that no matter what ‘happens’ in this our life, on some level, we, our soul as consciousness are’ going’ nowhere at all. What a conundrum between what we call ‘ life’ and what we call ‘death’. What a puzzling wonder!

All these messages hidden yet made clear by the very nature of death and dying in Mother nature’s own beginning and endless cycles. Here, where even the visibly ‘dead’ corn stalks of destiny clocking in end of life for dying autumn leaves … is this really finite death? … Or more likely a new configuration in motion yet unseen? Round and round… What a trick to the naked eye! Ha! And my own clarity at once revealed.

“If one thing becomes another, that’s how I know, it’s just that clear. I’ll Always Be here.”



I can feel it coming on
How the day does claim it
Way too young to be this way
How to shake this?

Living life this way not caring why these leaves are turning
Baseless on a whim beyond the need to feel I’m growing
So grateful to be here just living for today
I’m living for today

Summers come, oh how they go
For waves do not tarry
Autumn changes Winter’s song into Spring’s awakening

‘Round and round it goes
With no beginnings there’s no endings
Just tampered by a snow under a solstice of repentance
There’s nothing left to fear just living for today
I”m living for today

Take away this house and all that I hold dear
‘Cause I’m going nowhere I’m going be here
Take away this life and all its mess ups too
If one thing becomes another
That’s how I know
It’s just that clear I’ll always
I’ll always be here
I’m living for today

Not for tomorrow or even next year
But live it for, live it for today

*  Co-Produced with Ben Leinbach