YTT Exploration of Mantra and Sound in Audubon, NJ

Come explore the many aspects and energies of Life that are reflected by the Deities throughout Vedic Philosophy at Live in Joy.

How does sounding the Divine names apply to us as yoga teachers within this our modern day world?

By sounding the names both in silent meditation or in a group gathering, how do our bodies, minds and hearts respond?

Taking notice… living alive.

Yogaville ~ Satchidananda Bringing in 2020 Kirtan, VA ~

Thrilled to offer a Kirtan New Years Eve at Swami Satchidananda’s peaceful Yogaville located in Buckingham,  Virginia.

If you are looking for respite from the day to day and ready to sink deeper into yourSelf Yogaville is a sweet space to land.

Come chant with us on these sacred grounds as together we bring in 2020!

2nd Annual Goddess Rising Kirtan Celebration, Orlando Florida Saturday, January 18th, 2020

Join us for a day of community and chant at the 2nd Annual Goddess Rising Kirtan Celebration in Orlando, Florida.

Last year was such a bonding of souls. I am so pleased to be returning with these Shakti Goddesses: Dana Kaplan, Amah Devi, Mirabai Moon, Cheryl Chafee along with the amazing To Bring Devotion Band. 

Coming together in the name of the Feminine! This does not mean you need to be a woman to attend. As we all know, there are both masculine and feminine energies co-existing within each of us. The ‘Shakti’ feminine elements of manifestation, intuition, Mother nature, creativity, birthing, movement, death and beauty will rise and be acknowledged!

To Register please click here:

‘Hey, Florida… Goddess rising here we come!’

Embodying the Bhav Workshp in Orlando, Florida Sunday, January 19th, 2020

There are many forms of love that we can sing to and often call out to. The love for a close friend, for a lover, for family, community and simply for self love. Do these varying expressions of love all lead to a deep feeling of Bhav (Divine mood)?

Come join me for an intimate morning as we explore the blissful nature of Bhav through mantra, movement, chanting, meditation and love song.


This is the morning after the “Goddess Rising: A Shakti Kirtan Celebration.” The venue will already be supercharged whether you were able to attend the festival or not!

The address of the Kaplan Shakti Shala (private residence in Longwood, FL -Orlando are) will be given upon registration. You may register for the Sunday workshop only, the Saturday festival only, or both together (& save)

To Register click here: 


Live Music for Yin Yoga ~ Altamonte Springs, Florida, Monday, January 20th, 2020

Monday morning January 20th I’ll be playing/chanting during Dana Kaplan’s beautiful Yin Yoga class.

Come bask in sweet live sound at the Yoga University of Asy.


Kirtan Concert at Shiva Yoga Shala, Fort Myers Florida, Saturday, January 25th, 2020

Looking forward to offer Kirtan at the Shiva Yoga Shala in Fort Myers, Florida.

If you are in the area, come join us in the name of love, music and chant!

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