Kirtan is a musical expression of devotion, a ‘call and response’ chanting style, that is gaining popularity within the Western yoga community and beyond. With roots in the ancient sacred traditions of India, the Sanskrit mantras sung at Kirtans are words of great vibrational power. Kirtan is a practical method of repetitive singing that allows us to quiet and transcend our rambling “monkey minds.” Chanting in the company of others offers us the opportunity for deep and transformative healing. Understanding the meanings of the mantras or having expert musical abilities are not requirements: anyone can reap the benefits of Kirtan by simply chanting and allowing the higher vibrations into our open heart.

Please join us and allow Kirtan to carry you effortlessly to a place of stillness and joy!

“Yvette’s music comes from the heart. She creates a musical canvas where we can see each other, connected to the wings of the Divine. Her music transports you into the sweet realm of love. Her kirtan is a combination of prayer and service…”
—Gary Goldberg, WRPI-91.5 radio

“Yvette is blessed with a voice and spirit of pure radiance. I have spent many years engaged in Kirtan and have rarley encountered the level of transformation I experience in Yvette’s presence. Among her many gifts is the ability to weave traditional Eastern music with western melodies engaging all the chakras. But most important is simply the invitation Yvette so generously offers us to lift our voices and open our hearts.”
—Joy Stocke, Editor in chief of Wild River Review

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Bhakti Music for Yoga

Bhakti music is the music of love. Yvette’s songs are creations of the Divine Love that exists in all things. Written in English and Sanskrit, the melodies will uplift the spirit, while centering and deepening our awareness. Live bhakti music during a yoga class supports the yoga teacher and lends a sacred organic presence and flow to the practice.

An activist for Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Yvette’s live music is featured at LBBC’s Reach & Raise/Yoga on the Steps and Outdoor Expos throughout the country.

“Yvette has shared her heart and soul, her voice and muse with the Reach & Raise/Yoga On The Steps event with complete generosity. Her music, voice and words serve the process of yoga and meditation and transformation in lightening the load of our minds, and give all who listen a way back home to love themselves, to acknowledge the innocence and new life blooming inside…She is no BS, no glitz, no spin. She is pure. And we are all so fortunate to receive her beauty of music and voice at Reach & Raise/Yoga On The Steps and beyond.”
—Jennifer Schelter, co-founder and inspirational yoga leader of “Yoga on the Steps/Reach & Raise”

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Healing and Sound Workshop

A sound coach of mantra, voice and harmonium, Yvette introduces and explains the major energy channels in the body. Starting at the Muladhara root and gradually moving up to the lustrous crown, the physical, subtle and causal bodies revitalize with seed sound vibration, color visualization and spontaneous meditation.

In this intimate workshop, Yvette offers tools to self-guide while exploring the power of one’s own vital sound—the sacred voice. A believer in the power of each voice as a transformer for personal wellness and healing, Yvette helps to uncover our purest and most essential sound vibration. Through the subtle energies of seed sound, mantra, meditation and vocal attunement, harmonic health is renewed.

“I have been fortunate enough to be able to work with Yvette a number of times over the past few years. She has skillfully led me in healing sounds and kirtan that helped me open physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When I started with Yvette I had no idea how powerful sounds can be… but I now know they are very powerful and I’ve added spiritual sounds as a regular part of my daily practice. Working with Yvette on sounds has been an adventure, and I recommend it to all open-minded seekers of truth.”
—Bill Stauffer, seeker of truth

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Private Harmonium/Vocal/Mantra Lessons



The Harmonium is the free reed instrument that is often played at Kirtans. In the sacred homes of India, families gather regularly to chant on the harmonium, drum and kartals. Lovingly nicknamed the ‘Laymans’ Piano’, harmoniums do not require years of vigorous training to sound beautiful. The harmonium drone is sweet, mellifluous and calming.


The Voice is our most sacred and authentic means of expression and connection. Each voice is uniquely designed to harmonize our essence. Through vocal exercises, dhrupad, sound play and song, a renewed sense of self and freedom is experienced.


Mantras are chanted in every culture around the globe. A mantra is a word or phrase carrying high and sacred vibration. When repeated with focused intention mantras can open doorways to self-knowledge, effective healing and deep meditation.

‘I will never forget my first lesson with Yvette – I was quite nervous as I had never really played an instrument much less ever wanted anyone to hear my voice in public! But there I was… and Yvette made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Her gentle presence and her gift of making the harmonium, chants and singing accessible to my skill land vocal abilities allowed me to absolutely fall in love with this practice.’
Erica Bleznak, owner of Mainline Yoga Shala

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Energetic Exchange: $60/45 mins ($75/hr)

Private Numerology Reading

Numerology is a science of mysticism that offers a blueprint for the soul. From the moment of birth and following the naming of an individual as a separate soul, a host of possible paths can be seen and read via personality traits, karma and dharma. Once blueprinted and read, a deeper knowledge of the self reveals newfound clarity, intention, direction, self-acceptance and manifest destiny.

Yvette has been a practicing numerologist for the past two decades. She gratefully acknowledges her mentor Aneta Dondis.

I’m still glowing from my numerology session last week! Yvette’s uncanny intuition met a very deep understanding of numerology and life, which poured forth a reading that absolutely blew me away. With great compassion and humor, Yvette walked me through the good, bad & ugly so to speak, of my life’s twisty pathways, and brought incredible clarity around both the way life unfolded and the way I experienced it. It feels like I was given a roadmap of a territory I am very familiar with, but never able to see from an ariel view. This bigger picture has helped me to reconcile & actually dissolved some unfulfilling wondering, and I am now more clear about my priorities.’
– Julie Fischer, co-owner of Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness

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Sessions are available via skype or phone.
Energetic Exchange – $108