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Body Sound ~ An Exploration of Personal Voice and Power
March 9, 2018 6:00 pm
Julie Fischer
January 25, 2018
Live in Joy Wellness and Yoga
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118 W. Merchant Street, Audubon, PA, 08106, United States

There was a time when sound dominated how we perceived our World. ‘IN the beginning was the word”, in fact Sound preceded the physical manifestation of Creation itself. Over the years and spanning generations, certainly with the advancement of today’s technology, our sense of hearing and creating sounds as a primary tool for both Inward and outward intuiting has been compromised.

In this 3 hour class we will:

* Explore the power of sound taking an investigative approach ie. how our bodies/emotions react to outside general sound, different kinds of music etc.
* Explore the power of our own sacred sound – our Voice ie. the power and subtlety of our spoken word. Here we will explore the different tones that we have to choose from and discover together which tones seem to communicate most effectively.
* Learning via breath exercises, body movements and sound exercises how we can maximize the effectiveness and power of our own voice.
* Explore the use of sound as a tool for healing